Making it Shine.. One Window at a Time


We pride ourselves on providing regular, reliable service to all or our customer reqardless of the size of the job.


We use modern window cleaning methods to effectively and effciently clean windows. Our workmanship and service is superior to our competitors.


We are professional window cleanes with skills and experience using professional-grade equipment.

Interior/Exterior Window Cleaing

Window cleaning is a maintenance issue, not a luxury. Unlike some of our competitors, our fees are by the window, not per hour. Depending on the type of windows you have and the landscaping surrounding your home or office, our prices vary from home to home, window to window.

We get nose to glass, detailing all our windows

A Professional Touch

Upon your request, we will hand clean all tracs We Do wipe all window sills


Are your windows screens screaming out for a good cleaning? Check, they may be the cause of your dirty windows. Bugs, airborne dust, birds, windblown road salt and new construction are all causes of dirty screens.

We clean and wipe down all screens by hand

  • Custom Maintenance Programs

    Many clients prefer to have their windows cleaned 2 times per year. We offer special pricing for continued maintenance programs.

  • We Have You Covered!

    Our team will bring everything in that is needed to make your windows, home and gutter look like new!

  • Hard Water Spot Removal

    Calcium and Magnesium in our water can leave deposits that cause spots on your windows and shower doors. Over time, the deposits can become etched into the glass. Let us know in advance and we can come prepared to remove them for you.

  • Insured and Bonded

    Accidents can happen. Whatever company you choose, please make sure they are insured and can produce a Certificate of Insurance. I am more than happy to show you our paperwork.

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